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Marketing Communications Packages

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One-time consultation

Would you like to establish and maintain strong relationships with customers as a new business? If so, this marketing package is right for you.

As part of the consultation, you will receive advice on how marketing and communications can help you grow your business.

After the consultation, you will get the document with guidance that will help you get started in your marketing journey. 

1 hr meeting - £49

Full Service

Do you run a new business or an established one and would like to boost your sales, gain more customers, and enhance your brand image? Here's what you need.

Together we will analyze your business from a marketing and communications perspective and create a customized marketing plan. Additionally, this package provides support for managing internal and external communications.

4 meetings per month - £400

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This is the offer for businesses that want to create, update, or modify website content. You need this service if you struggle to create content that follows SEO principles. Take advantage of professional assistance that leads to positive results.


1 content + meeting per month - £120 

2 contents + meetings per month - £165 

4 contents + meetings per month - £300

Social Media

Being consistent in social media has never been so important. Are you looking for social media marketing services that are customized to your business type, communication style, aims, and goals? This package can include creating a monthly social media plan, providing visual materials and content, and managing accounts.


Basic planning of content and guidance (Facebook, Instagram) -  £350 per month

Fully managed social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram) - £1000 per month

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