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I help businesses and individuals who want to create their unique communication style with the benefit of building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders.

  • Authentic

  •  Confident

  •  Creative


To help customers discover their authentic voices in a global business environment


To transform business communication into a simple process 


  • Professionalism

  • Creativity

  • Cooperation

  • Uniqueness

  • Respect


Key Facts:

  •  3+ years of experience in communications

  •  MA - International Business Communication & LeadershipBSc - Psychology

  • Customers: Businesses, Organisations, NGOs, Magazines, Academic Institution, etc.

  •  Topics: Business, Entrepreneurship, Environment & energy efficiency, Governance, Economic development & democratization, etc. 

What motivates me:

Hi, my name is Ana. I am grateful for the opportunity to create and write remarkable stories. Discovering and unpacking individuals and businesses with great ideas is a valuable part of my work. Humans and ideas - are my core interest in life as I believe that our existence depends on them. 


My background:

Born in a small country, Sakartvelo (Georgia), and currently based in the UK, I had a number of jobs in the communication field. Currently, I offer freelance writing services to businesses and organizations to help them achieve their communication goals. Besides, I am keen on writing personalised tales for children. 

With my background in psychology and intercultural business and leadership, I am able to recognise and address the needs of businesses and individuals globally. By identifying requirements and the intercultural communication patterns, communication becomes easy and stress-free. 


I am available for:

Businesses that need to create, change or improve their communication style, and therefore, deliver authentic content to stakeholders are on top of my list.

Moreover, parents or relatives who want to impress their children with personalised tales are among my customers. 


Anyone interested in collaborating can check out my services, and portfolio on my website and email me directly.

Don't hesitate to reach out! Believe me, with the power of words, we can make big changes and create magnificent stories!

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