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Your Communication & Sustainability Partner

Welcome to my space of communication and sustainability, where authentic stories meet eco-friendly practices.

I'm Ana, your guide in crafting unique stories and helping your sustainable business shine! How can I describe myself in three words? 

  • Authentic.

  • Confident.

  • Sustainability Enthusiast.

To help businesses discover authentic voices and embark on a transformative journey toward sustainability in a global business environment.

To transform business communication into a simple and effective process, harmonised with sustainable practices.

Professionalism, Creativity, Cooperation, Uniqueness, Respect.

Key Facts:

  • Over 4 years of experience in communications.

  •  MA in International Business Communication & Leadership; BSc in Psychology.

  •  Diverse clientele, including Businesses, NGOs, Magazines, Academic Institutions, and more.

  •  Expertise in topics ranging from Business and Entrepreneurship to Environment & Energy Efficiency, Sustainability, Governance, Economic Development & Democratization.

What Motivates Me:
I believe communication with companies should be as effortless as communicating with close friends. Still, we complicate things. 

Keeping life simple is my motto. So I thought, how can I make it easier for others to communicate through their businesses? 

And as I am passionate about creating remarkable stories and my heart beats fast when I hear about sustainable business, I wanted to use my skills and knowledge to be next to brands and people who need support to spread the word about their great work.


My Background:

My journey in the communication field has been diverse. Writing content for SMEs is what I do best, and I especially enjoy supporting email marketing. Moreover, I assist with strategic planning and sustainability audits, with the mission to help you reduce costs, improve market differentiation, and boost employee retention.

With a foundation in psychology, intercultural business and leadership, I assist clients to address their unique needs. With my approach, communication is not only easy, but also stress-free.

I Am Available For:
Businesses looking to create, change, or improve their communication style and embark on sustainability journeys. Those who would love to communicate with stakeholders wholeheartedly.

Let's Collaborate:
Explore my services and portfolio on my website, and feel free to reach out!

Let's embark on a journey of impactful communication and sustainable transformation!

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