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In business, there is No Independence

Little bit about why you need Sustainable Business Certifications

There is no independence in business. But you may ask, what about all these influential, motivational speeches or books that pushes us to become independent and focus on ourselves and our business only? 

The topic is simple to sell. That’s the reason why it is such a popular opinion. Persuade people that being highly individualistic is equivalent to being a powerful person in the business world or in private. 

However, there is a big No from me as a person interested in sustainable business practices. 

I think even if you are not a sustainable enthusiast you should still understand that at some point we need to share and care. Look at yourself connecting with people around you, spreading a world about your business - this is all for the purpose of being united with society. 

But do not get me wrong, when I say there is no independence I don’t argue that we need to be fully dependent on others to become successful. I mean we should collaborate more, we should care more about others, to grow. 

This is a future of respectable business.

So what is the role of Sustainability in this case? 

Everything we do in business has an influence on people and the environment locally as well as globally. 

When we lead a business, whether it is a local store or a global company we have to remember that we are not alone. I see this as interdependence and it reminds me of something very basic, the fact that humans are social beings. Can we say our business is driven by the same desires and purposes as humans? To connect, to change, to develop? And to do all these things in a collaboration?  I would say yes. 

So if we agree that for business’s success we need to be collaborative, let’s also agree that sustainability is a number one solution for this. 

To be successful in today’s business world you can not only focus on profits, but the effects your business has on people and the planet. As a business owner you need to implement theories and thoughts into practice. Businesses need to prove that they are doing good things for the planet and people, however due to the complexity of systems it is hard to convince customers that you are reliable. 

There are some mechanisms to prove that your business is leading towards sustainability. It is certified sustainability standards, such as organic or fair-trade labels. 

How do these certifications help? Customers and Stakeholders are not able to check a production process, work conditions and so on. However they want to make sure that companies are being honest.

That’s where certificating companies enter the process. They check, evaluate and give suggestions to businesses to become more sustainable. After fulfilling the requirements companies are able to become certified, however it is not the end. Some certifications due to the complexity of business need to be issued for a year. This means that the company should reapply again to prove that they are maintaining the same desirable standards. 

Speaking of which, let's talk about the GOTs Certification that is very popular in the textile industry.  

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is like a quality stamp for clothes and fabrics. It makes sure that from growing the materials to making the final product, everything follows strict rules. For a material to get GOTS certified, at least 70% of it must be organic. This means no synthetic pesticides, harmful chemicals, or genetically modified stuff during farming. 

The certification also checks that the manufacturing process is eco-friendly and treats workers fairly. GOTS is well-known globally, making it easier for companies to sell their products. It's like a guarantee for consumers that what they're buying is good for the environment and people. GOTS keeps things transparent and encourages continuous improvement, making sure everyone keeps doing better over time.

You may ask me as a customer how to identify and purchase GOTS-certified products while shopping? There are some steps: 

1. Look for the GOTS Logo: GOTS-certified products typically display the GOTS logo on their labels or packaging. Customers should keep an eye out for this logo, as it serves as a clear indicator of the product meeting organic and ethical standards.

2. Check Product Information: Read the product information on labels or tags. GOTS-certified items often include details about the organic fibers used and may explicitly state compliance with GOTS standards. Look for terms like "GOTS certified organic."

3. Visit the Brand's Website: Visit the official website of the brand or manufacturer. Reputable companies usually provide information about their certifications, including GOTS. Customers can look for a dedicated section on sustainability or certifications.

4. Read Online Reviews: Check online reviews and customer feedback. Other consumers may share their experiences with GOTS-certified products. Social media platforms, forums, and product review websites can be valuable sources of information.

5. Ask Store Staff: Don't hesitate to ask store staff for assistance. They may have information about GOTS-certified products or be able to guide customers to brands that prioritize organic and sustainable practices.

6. Shop at Certified Retailers: Choose to shop at retailers that prioritize sustainability and carry a range of GOTS-certified products. Specialty stores or those with a focus on eco-friendly goods are more likely to offer a selection of certified items.

7. Use Mobile Apps: Some mobile apps and websites provide information about brands and their certifications. Customers can use these tools to check whether a brand is GOTS certified while shopping in-store or online.

8. Support Transparent Brands: Opt for brands that are transparent about their sourcing and production practices. Brands committed to sustainability often share information about their certifications, making it easier for customers to make informed choices.

By following these steps, as a customer you can confidently identify and purchase GOTS-certified products, contributing to a more sustainable and ethical shopping experience.

In case you need help finding sustainable local or global brands, or you are a business owner seeking to get GOTS Certification, do not hesitate to contact me. 

Remember, you can not be Solo in business, you need to be a part of the society to make great changes.

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