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Do you want to be a freelancer? Start by believing in yourself!

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

I am now laying on the mattress near my window, surrounded by colourful pillows, a cup of herbal tea on the floor, and my laptop. It’s cold outside, so better to stay at home. Cosy atmosphere, right? As a freelancer, you have lots of wonderful opportunities, including this - the freedom to work wherever you want.

This type of work is not without challenges, however. Being proactive, having good time-management and communication skills, managing work-life balance, staying connected, being accessible, and most importantly, believing in yourself are all required. Adding some other traits or skills might be preferable, but we do not live in a fairy tale. We are humans and we carry lots of desirable or undesirable characteristics. For that reason do not judge yourself and never compare yourself to others.

Being a freelancer is about finding your niche and listening to your heart and brain. Trusting and believing in yourself is the key, since if you are not confident in yourself, how can you convince others that you are capable and reliable?

So whatever you decide to do as a freelancer, start with believing in yourself. It's your biggest battle with yourself, so if you can handle it, you won't be afraid of anything else!

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