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The Quick Guide to Sustainability for Conscious Consumers and Businesses

Updated: Jan 5

Hey there, my curious and smart readers! Interested in learning more about sustainability? This isn't your average blog post -- it's a journey through disappointment, excitement, surprise, and motivation. 

Join me as we solve the mysteries of sustainability, unlocking insights for businesses ready to paint their world a little greener and consumers on the lookout for eco-friendly brands. 

It's time to make sustainability not just a buzzword but a lifestyle. Let's get started! 

Ever clicked on that "Sustainability" tab on websites? It's become very popular, but not everyone truly understands it. Some companies throw around the term without embracing its core principles. Let me explain what I mean. Recently I went to an exhibition and guess what? I visited a brand proudly displaying products with a sustainability logo, yet when I asked some basic questions, its representatives were surprisingly uninformed. They showed little to no knowledge of sustainable business practices. Disappointing, right?

But you may say “whatever, it’s ok”, why should sustainability matter to me so much? I would say because it is the only way to make things better in today’s chaotic world.

What does sustainability stand for? Simply put, it's about meeting current needs without compromising the future. John Elkington's 3Ps framework—People, Planet, Profit—captures this essence. It is sad that nowadays some businesses use sustainability as a marketing hook; however, in reality it's a call for responsible business practices. I’d say it is something everyone should strive for. 

Why did sustainability issues become so popular? In today's society, consumers are becoming increasingly informed and conscientious about what they choose. Thanks to globalisation and the internet we can have access to general information about the companies we purchase from. However not every company or even country takes sustainability seriously. Sustainable practices resonate particularly well in developed countries, where consumers prioritize values over just the price tag.

How to become more sustainable as a small or medium sized business? 

For businesses aspiring to become sustainable, Epstein's Nine Principles of Sustainability offer a solid starting point. Choose one of the principles and start to modify your business! It might seem overwhelming initially, but trust the process. Do not forget, sustainable practices need leaders who can balance the needs of people, profit, and the planet.

On the other hand, as a customer how can I purchase sustainable products?

How can you identify a genuinely sustainable company? The key is research, research, research! Examine their certifications, social media presence, and annual reports. Be sceptical about claims; be curious. Attend events, engage with their representatives, and explore podcasts dedicated to sustainability. Try to educate yourself as much as possible. Share knowledge with people around you, make people talk about sustainability practices - simply, take small steps towards a bigger, brighter future!

Feel free to get in touch if you own a business and would like to make it more sustainable, or if you're interested in purchasing sustainable brands and would like assistance or advice!

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