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Meet an artist who uses her hands to transfer emotions to canvas

Updated: May 9, 2022

Elbert Hubbard said, “Art is not a thing, it is a way.” Certainly, art is one of the ways to open your heart to others and give a piece of yourself to them. And surprisingly, the more you give, the greater you become. The magic of artists is in that. When you are surrounded by them, when you feel the emotions that come with art, it is hard to turn back. That's what you'll find if you open the colourful door of Brighton-based artist Tina Davies' studio and shop.

Tina has a great vision and is constantly inspired by nature and people. She has been an artist for decades, starting with pottery and later discovering the joy of painting. Eventually, she realised that the energy that came through her heart must have been transferred through her body, so she started using her hands to paint impressive pieces of art. Her work is in collections worldwide, filling art lovers' lives with joy, happiness, and pride. No doubt, once you see Tina's work, all you would want is to have one of her paintings in your home. Further, if you are a pottery lover, there are functional and sculptural ceramics to impress your guests or family members. With endless inspiration, Tina's paintings and pottery works would appeal to people with a variety of tastes whether you love landscapes or abstract, cheerful colours or pastel tones. Her paintings exhibit harmony and the emotions she puts into them.

When I asked Tina about the feelings she has once she sells her work, she didn’t think for a second, smiled, and told me that this is the main reason behind her work - she wants her paintings to find a forever home.

“I do not think about anything when I paint, this is the process that brings me freedom and once these emotions are transferred to canvas or clay, they stay there forever. Freedom and energy are what I want to share with others. And if people get it through my paintings, that means that I achieve my goals - I am happy and blessed” - says Tina.

No rules or patterns, just passion as she creates the piece of art, clearing her mind and focusing on the story behind the painting that will bring unique emotions.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a step into Tina's small gallery, let go of existing perceptions, connect with the art, and feel your soul discovering the voice of freedom.

Or check her IG account: tinadavies70

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