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Rebel Rock Bridalwear – for courageous brides

Dare to wear – that’s what I would call this business in a nutshell. If you are about to have a wedding and you want to express your true self and stay away from traditional approaches, Rebel Rock Bridalwear should be your first choice. I can guarantee you that they will offer you a variety of rebellious dresses that will help you express your individuality.

Keri, the founder of the business dealt with brides for the last 8 years running Hair & makeup business under the same branded name. Permanent relationship with brides made her realise what they needed on their special day - to look gorgeous and feel comfortable.

And what hinders most brides to feel joyful on their day? Traditional dresses. So, Keri found the solution, she got in touch with the designers(Charlie Brear, E&W Couture, Shikoba), and set up the business to solve one of the most important issues for brides – finding the perfect wedding dress. As she remembers, the lockdown helped her find time to think about the business plan and follow her beliefs. It is worth mentioning, that business focuses on selecting comfortable materials that are kind to the environment and can possibly be upcycled after the wedding day. During the communication with the designers, they grasped the concept quickly, which gave Keri confidence to carry on supporting brides:

“I wanted something a little rebellious to the normal traditions. I aimed to give brides options with what they could wear on their wedding day rather than thinking what they should wear or what’s expected for them to wear.”

“I love the fact that I can offer brides something different and that their mindsets can be changed in a positive way. Being able to see a bride who is made up, who has found something she never thought she was going to find.” – Keri.

In most cases, the brides highlight how chilled and relaxed the atmosphere is in the studio. Keri is doing her best to ease the process of choosing the dress as she completely understands how stressful it might be to find out the dress which matches one’s energy, style, and taste. Communicating with brides gives her an enormous boost to carry on finding and picking the best non-traditional wedding dresses.

In April Rebel Rock Bridalwear celebrated its’ one-year anniversary and summed up the first challenging but exciting year. To support courageous brides, Keri plans to provide as much variety of rebellious dresses as possible. It has been announced that we will be able to attend another wedding show where the new collection will be displayed. This will be a wonderful opportunity for brides to experience the atmosphere of a wedding fashion show.

Let's see how rebellious they are this year. Keep up with Rebel Rock Bridalwear on social media to stay on top of any brave steps brides take with the help of the business that inspires women to be courageous, open-minded, and independent.

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