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Milly & Jin - Beyond health and beauty

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

If you wish to have outstanding nail art, relieve your back pain, get a massage, or just change the shape of your eyebrows, Milly & Jin is the best place to go!

This beauty and health salon in the middle of Brighton and Hove offers a range of services and most importantly atmosphere where you would feel comfortable and relaxed. Once you open the navy-blue door of Milly & Jin you will meet friendly people, who are more than happy to assist you. You will certainly be satisfied and happy with their professionalism and dedication.

You may ask “So who formed this amazing team?” - Imagine a mother (Jin) with a wonderful business mindset and a talented daughter (Emily).

For more than 20 years, Jin worked in the hospital, before specializing in acupuncture 10 years ago.

Emily, herself started a career as a make-up artist but later discovered that she was passionate about nail art.

Their relationships with people and high-quality products and services are what keep them in business.

Jin is dedicated to helping people reach physical and therefore, emotional well-being. She thinks that each person has the ability to overcome the obstacles, she is just a moderator to help them understand their own body and the power they hold in themselves.

While assisting customers, Jin makes sure that they understand what acupuncture is all about.

The treatment process needs consistency, accuracy, and patience. When we talk about acupuncture, the results are sometimes hard to evaluate, however, the vast majority of people who tried acupuncture can assure you that it relieved their pains such as lower back pain, migraines, muscle spasms, etc.

With Jin's long time experience and dedication to her work, you will feel safe in her hands. She treats each person with care and her hard-working attitude helps her always develop herself as a professional.

Same as a mum, Emily always researches for updated information, trends, and the products which appear on market. If you ask me Emily is an artist, who just paints on the nails instead of on canvas. Her attention to detail and creativity will win anyone's heart. When you look at your nails after several weeks, you will say: "Ah, now I see what quality products are all about".

As I asked Emily about her plans for the future, her eyes sparkled as she was about to reveal wonderful news. Soon she will share her knowledge with everyone who is interested in beauty. It is more than just health and beauty that Milly & Jin is all about; they aim to provide education that can transform lives.

Therefore, if you are interested in getting a service or learning nail art, go ahead and contact these amazing, friendly people. Furthermore, if you have any pains, you should know who to see for the best results!

You can check them on Instagram: Milly & Jin

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