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I help businesses and individuals who want to create their unique communication style with the benefit of building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders.

  • Authentic

  •  Confident

  •  Creative



To help customers discover their authentic voices in a global business environment


To transform business communication into a simple process 


  • Professionalism

  • Creativity

  • Cooperation

  • Uniqueness

  • Respect

Key Facts:

  •  3+ years of experience in communications

  •  MA - International Business Communication & LeadershipBSc - Psychology

  • Customers: Businesses, Organisations, NGOs, Magazines, Academic Institution, etc.

  •  Topics: Business, Entrepreneurship, Environment & energy efficiency, Governance, Economic development & democratization, etc. 

Girl taking note next to a laptop

"Ana Bibileishvili is a highly qualified journalist with a significant working experience in professional and commercial writing. Working with Ana closely in the scope of the EU4Georgia project was a wonderful experience both at the personal and professional levels. She authored various EU success stories in the areas of agriculture, rural and economic development, good governance, environment, and more. Her excellent communication skills, creativity, and demonstrated persuasive and confident writing approach added significant value to our project’s content production."

Tamar Khuntsaria

Strategic Communications Lead, EU4Georgia III Project

"Ana is the treasure recently discovered in my professional network. The art of transforming technical content into storytelling is her strong point. She builds the bridges between teller and listener by creating simple and engaging stories which is the contemporary approach to nowadays communication word. Ana has a high-quality working ethic and an extremely high sense of responsibility. It was a great pleasure to have her as a partner."

Ana KabzinadzeCommunication professional / Austrian Development Agency

"Working with Ana Bibileishvili has been a pleasure for me. She is a qualified professional with a high sense of responsibility and creativity at the same time. For the past 3 years, she wrote a number of articles for CENN's projects on different topics such as rural tourism, agriculture development, youth engagement, environmental activism, climate change, and so on. Ana takes each topic very seriously and puts great effort into it, that is why her works are always amazing and popular on different media channels. Her writing skills,  high sense of responsibility, and creativity are the reasons why we are always delighted to work with her on different projects at CENN."

Marie Kikvadze, CENN, Communications and Advocacy Specialist

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